Easy to setup - no commitments

No credit card required
Setup pre-built API
Any untranslated text will be detected and automatically uploaded to Strings database
Choose language
Translations will begin immediately and send email notification once complete
View your newly localized app
Translated text will automatically import back into your project. Update your phone's language settings and see the results!

Indie plan

Ideal for startups and indie devs looking to localize one app in another language
Everything included below...
1 developer seat included
1 language included
Unlimited translation keys
Unlimited translations
Unlimited memory
CLI tools
App and brand context inputs
1 pre-built API included
Basic chat support
Feature requests
Get Started
Dashboard mockup

Continuous localization

Seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD tools

Pick your languages. Get human-quality translations in minutes

We ensure the highest quality translations by feeding relevant context cues into our AI translation engine
Unlimited translation keys
Unlimited translation memory
Supports all major spoken languages
Dashboard mockup

Strings saved us hundreds of hours of engineering work. We were able to internationalize our SaaS platform in an hour.

Sean Bushkov
Chief Technology Officer
Martin Furi is an iOS developer who rated our automated translation product five stars

A simple solution that just works. I was able to take my Diablo IV timer app from English to multiple languages in only a few minutes.

Martin Füri

iOS Engineer

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